Recognizing the Pig Behind the Lipstick

Recogizing the Pig Behind the Lipstick

Have you ever heard the saying you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. That means that you can dress up something ugly but in the end it is still ugly. I think this is so many times the case with entertainment but many people are failing to regognizing it.

Need an example? How would you sell (and by sell I mean turn it into a runaway blockbuster hit) a story where a innocent young lady sleeps with a man she barely knows. It helps if you make her parents very cold, unloving, aristocratic people who ignore their daughter. It also helps if her only sister is completely shallow and self absorbed. Yet, somehow this flower of youth turns out to be a wonder, warm loving basically very good person. She meets this guy she hardly knows at a vacation place and one thing leads to another very quickly and she sleeps with him. Know what story this is? Give up? I will you one more hint. It involved a lot of dancing and music. Ahhhhh! Now you know…Dirty Dancing.

Now I am not writing this to try to shame everyone who saw it and liked it. What I want to do is open your eyes to the pig behind the lipstick. Hollywood tries very hard to make sin seem very appealing and to create circmstances in which a sinful action would be okay because. This isn’t just in Dirty Dancing this is everywhere. Unfortunatly, this has a way, if we are not careful, of affecting out thinking. It can cause us to be undiscerning. Rarely does entertainment show the ugliness of sin because frankly that doesn’t sell. People don’t want to see that. They want fantasy but when we get sucked into a story we need to quickly recoginize when we are sold the lipstick and the pig.